I love to make cakes, especially ones that are unusually shaped! The shaped cakes are always covered in Fondant but the cakes themselves and frosting are all made from scratch. These more unique cakes do take time to assemble so they do cost more then the usual store bought ones, but you will love amazing your friends with your one of a kind cake!


Cakes can come in any flavor you want, even if it isn't something that is specifically listed here. I am always trying out new recipes looking for fun ones to try so if you have a preference for one, please let me know! Prices can't be listed here because each cake is unique and some take more time than others to assemble. Please check out the gallery below to see a variety of cakes I have made for varying ocassions.


Pink Lemonade Cake
  • Pink Lemonade Cake
  • Yellow cake with buttercream frosting
  • Half Lemon/Half Cherry Chip Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting inside. This cake was made for Cook County Dept of Public Health for the West Nile Virus testers.
  • White cake, covered in fondant and with all fondant 'toppings'.
  • Yellow cake. This was made for my daughter's class when she had to memorize the Green Eggs and Ham book. The eggs are all fondant, but the ham is the actual cake.
  • This is actually 2 cakes, the 'house' is chocolate and the base is yellow cake. All covered in fondant and decorated with fondant flowers, stone path, but the figurines are plastic.
  • This was a graduation cake, and meant to look like a crooked 'topsy turvy' cake. One layer was chocoolate, the other was red velvet. It's all covered in fondant, and the camera on top is also made of fondant.